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Conflict Management,
Dispute Resolution,
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All our Mediation, Coaching, and Training sessions are now conducted virtually and online. Please contact us should you need assistance setting up your Zoom calls.


An interactive process where an expert mediator helps the disputing parties find a sustainable solution to their problem through specialized conflict management and negotiation techniques.

Who Is It for?

You may choose Mediation to resolve your dispute if you want to_

Who Is It Not for?

Mediation is not for you if_

Four Steps to Success

We Will Help You, Every Step Of The Way


learning about your issues in dispute

A quick intake process to learn about what is in dispute, who else is involved, your specific requirements, and concerns.


Discussing your options

Discussions around the options available to you, identify what best matches your specific needs, and co-design a pathway forward.


Conducting Mediations

Considering the special situation these days, we conduct our mediations virtually and over Zoom. We will help you setup your Zoom call with step-by-step guides and support, ensuring security and privacy.


Ensuring Sustainability

Reaching an agreement is not the final stop for a Dynamic Mediation process; it’s just a milestone, albeit a very crucial one. Testing it against the reality of life is the next vital milestone that we need to navigate carefully, meticulously, and methodically.

Conflict Coaching

A one-on-one process where you receive step-by-step guidance and personal coaching in ways and techniques to identify potential conflicts and strategies to manage them efficiently.

Who Is It for?

Those who want to_

You Deserve Our Best Efforts

with more than two decades of experience in Managing Conflicts and Dispute Resolution

Workplace Dispute Resolution Audits

We partner with you to assess Human Resources or Labour Relations complaints/grievance process to identify areas of improvement, propose new dispute resolution systems, and help you implement changes in your workplace and lower your operating costs/risks.

Who Is It for?

We Will Assist You Build Your Pathway Forward

Training Workshops

With your direct input, we design collaborative and engaging workshops helping your teams develop essential skills.

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