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Cybernetics of Dispute

The Cybernetics of Dispute

The Cybernetics of Dispute Imagine a hypothetical social system in equilibrium. We already know that there will be no conflicts being perceived by any member

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The Cybernetics of Learning

The Cybernetics of Learning Conflict denotes the existence of a difference between what has been sensed and what the individual believes it ought to be.

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From Conflict to Dispute

From Conflict to Dispute The overuse and dramatization of the word ‘conflict’ in contemporary media, by employing terms such as armed conflict, countries affected by

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Why Cybernetics

Why Cybernetics In classical binary logic, Aristotle’s principle of non-contradiction states that things cannot be ‘A’ and ‘Not A’ at the same time, and therefore, everything can

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Value Conflict

Managing Value Conflicts

Introduction It has been suggested that conflicts or disputes that involve strongly held values/beliefs are the most difficult to resolve. Is this always the case?

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Design a Conflict-Wise Organization

Design a Conflict-Wise Organization

Effective Conflict Management system There are several key areas that probing them helps better understanding of (and designing) an effective conflict management system: What does

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